The journey of two sisters who started a jewellery label


How did the creation of our fine jewellery label MOSUO start?

It was our first encounter with a 14k gold necklace and a shared dream to design our own piece that naturally evolved into a family business. We were tired of buying plated jewellery pieces that did have an inspiring design but ended up tarnishing when we forgot to take it off for a dip in the sea.

When we have finally found that dream delicate, solid gold necklace on a holiday in Andalucía, we immediately fell in love with the fact that the necklace would never have to be taken off, not to swim, not to the gym and neither to sleep. From this day on we became solid gold addicts and felt that this should be an essential accessory of every woman. A meaningful, and shiny piece that still looks brand new after years of wearing it. In 2019 we established MOSUO fine jewellery - A WOMENLAND BY SARA AND VICTORIA with the mission to accentuate women’s natural beauty and imbuing their every day life with a subtle touch of luxury.

We have always been obsessed with delicate yet meaningful details, small enough to feel like you are not wearing anything but expressive enough to be noticed. All MOSUO jewellery pieces are inspired by mystical symbols, tribal forms and elements of nature. We create pieces that are not only beautiful too look at, but are comfortable to be worn day and night.

The shared vision of the desired designs was clear to us. Our jewellery pieces must be delicate yet everlasting, meaningful and personalized, therefore unique for its owner and most importantly affordable for most. 14K Gold became our choice of material for the creation of our pieces as it is known for its high quality and durability. It won’t tarnish or fade over time, even with washing and everyday wear.


Is it a good idea to start up a business with your sibling?

After one year of full time working together, we can say „Hell yes, it is the best idea!“. We are two bodies, one mind, best friends and dreamers who are inseparable. Do you know that connection? When one of us has a thought, the other one usually speaks it out within a few minutes. This twin or sibling characteristic comes in very handy in business.

We all know that getting along with your sibling can sometimes be a challenge but they can also be your biggest supporter. We love to focus on the supporting part and believe that it is our main strength in business that we are sisters. Foremost we put our relationship as family first and share the same values of honesty, empowerment, trust, daily communication and the space for personal growth. It is a big privilege to be sharing the same values and working with someone you can trust in today´s business world.

We experience that being similar but still different helps us work together, understand each other and hold on to the same vision when it comes to our brand. Knowing each other inside and out lets us determine easily how to divide our tasks and how to deal with upcoming challenges. We balance each other out.

Ups and downs are part of a start up life and it is common to rapidly feel stressed or defeated. Working with your sibling you can be sure, that you will be lifting each other up.

What does MOSUO mean?

The inspiration for the name MOSUO comes from the Chinese tribe, which is a matrilineal society, also known as the Kingdom of Women. As a brand created from women to women our values are build on the power of femininity.

What do we do on a daily basis?

We are a real start up! It is just the two of us and we basically do everything. Designing the jewellery, organizing photo shoots, creating our own media content, marketing, PR, events, sales and all the admin and accounting. Through our instagram posts we want to give our followers an insight into our daily lives as entrepreneurs, women and sisters.

Who manufactures our shiny 14 k gold jewellery pieces?

The handcrafting process of our jewellery takes place in family owned ateliers with ethical working conditions in Turkey. 


5 Tips for Start Ups

1. Starting a business with your sibling can be an advantage. 
Among the top reasons why start-ups fail is because the founders are unable to get along. But when you go into business with a sibling, chances are you've probably had at least 20 years to figure out if you get along and if you work well together. So starting a business with your sibling can be an advantage. 

2. Have a vision and hold on to it strongly.
There will be challenging moments when you will need to motivate yourself to keep going. Endurance is one of the most important qualities of any entrepreneur.

3. Know your company inside and out.
Yes it might be easier and faster to work with a big team but we believe that it is an advantage to have set up everything by ourselves in the company. We all should be acquainted with every part of the company. So in the worst case scenario, when loosing a co-worker, you will be able to do the work yourself.

4. Go out and meet people.
Connections are one of the most important things in business and we believe that success is possible only through going out there, showing yourself and supporting other businesses.

5. Choose the people you work with wisely.
You will spend most of your time working together and you want to make sure that you are all on the same page. It is of importance that your business partners share the same values as you do.