Ankle jewellery – this summer's trend

Every summer, a variety of anklets make a comeback. It's definitely a favourite accessory for many female beachgoers. Sandals or flip-flops, a fresh pedicure and trendy leg jewellery are the perfect combination. Some women favour delicate bracelets with lightly sparkling zircons, while others opt for strong accents – seashells or beads. One thing is certain, anklets are great for highlighting a summer tan and are a stylish complement to an outfit.


  1. Gold anklet – sensual and feminine
  2. Foot jewellery – an absolute hit, especially in summer
  3. Don't be afraid to experiment and opt for layered combinations
  4. Lightweight yet eye-catching ankle chains


Gold anklet – sensual and feminine

In many cultures, foot jewellery is considered a highly sensual and feminine accent. Summer is more conducive to decorating the legs instead of the arms, particularly for hygienic reasons. This type of accessory can enhance many an outfit, and will go perfectly with stilettos and a dress for a date or a night out with friends. If you do decide to adorn the area around your ankle, opt for an accessory that matches the rest of your jewellery and your style. Many women choose boho bracelets made of strings, leather straps or plaits with stones and amber. Others opt for a classic design in the form of a simple thick gold ankle bracelet. It is unnoticeable at first glance as it does not contain any pendants but it is distinguished by its lightness, emphasising the styling. It will pair perfectly with a choker in the same style to form a harmonious duo.

Foot jewellery – an absolute hit, especially in summer

Various types of ornaments can be worn all year round, but summer is the best time for anklets. This popular trend has many female followers that adore sparkles. Dainty gold anklets for women look best on a well-groomed foot as they accentuate the pedicure and complement the rest of the styling, and undoubtedly drawing attention to our feet. Therefore, it is important to make sure your jewellery does not cause an allergic reaction – in this case gold, silver and stainless steel are the best option. When choosing a bracelet, it is also worth considering how comfortable it is to wear. Large, bulky bracelet pendants can cause discomfort by snagging the skin. Also opt for adjustable models so they aren't too tight on your wrist. Choose jewellery not just for summer, but for years to come. High-quality precious metal bracelets will stay with you for a long time if you take care of them properly. Store them in a case so they don't lie around somewhere on a shelf and lose their natural shine when exposed to external factors.

Don't be afraid to experiment and opt for layered combinations

Currently, layering is a huge trend in jewellery designs. Layering bracelets, especially those for the foot, allows you to create unique combinations that are sure to match any outfit. A double bracelet with rhinestones and gold pendants will accompany you every step of the way. Shimmering zircons will add charm and grace, while gold will accentuate your tan and transform your summer outfits. Play around with jewellery fashion, sky's the limit.

Lightweight yet eye-catching ankle chains

Nothing is more associated with the summer holidays than foot jewellery, as trends confirm. A simple gold anklet can be worn with comfortable trainers, fashionable espadrilles or stiletto sandals. When choosing this type of accessory, keep in mind that it should not be worn tight on the ankle, but kept loose, allowing it to shift slightly with every move. Seemingly small, this dainty bracelet will add character and work well with the rest of your jewellery.

In the past, the ankle bracelet was worn by married Indian women and symbolised attachment to a partner. In Ancient Egypt, on the other hand, it emphasised prosperity and high social status. However, it has become so widespread that it is now purely decorative jewellery. It is worn for aesthetic purposes to complement the styling. Combined with a wrist bracelet of the same design, it makes a perfect set for both casual and formal outfits.