Gold diamond rings not just for engagements

A ring is a particularly liked piece of jewellery by many women. It complements the entire styling, looking stately on a well-groomed hand. Some women opt for petite, thin models with a single inconspicuous stone, while others prefer glamour, a large diamond in the centre or several smaller ones arranged closely together. Women's signet rings, associated with luxury and power, although more dainty in look compared to those worn by men, are currently in fashion. Find out for yourself which ring suits you better.

  1. Why do women love diamonds?
  2. Which stones and fabrics go well with diamonds?
  3. Gold and diamonds for everyday wear
  4. Do women also wear signet rings?


Why do women love diamonds?

It has been well known for a long time now that diamonds are a girl's best friend. One glance at this magnificent, precious stone brings a twinkle to the eye. If ladies get a 14 karat diamond ring as a gift, they will certainly feel happy, appreciated and special. This type of stone is most often chosen for engagement rings because of its precious value. However, their popularity extends beyond jewellery for special occasions. More and more women are wearing diamond rings to go with their everyday outfits. The gem used to be an exclusive product, intended only for people of high social status. Nowadays, a larger group of women can afford this type of jewellery.

Which stones and fabrics go well with diamonds?

Diamonds look stunning on their own, but they look even better when framed in gold. This gemstone lends accessories special features and a unique character. As they are versatile, they go perfectly with other stones, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald or topaz. However, it is worth remembering that a diamond looks great solo. Yellow gold diamond rings are made for women who appreciate beauty in its pure form. These stones are flawless, impeccable, almost perfect. Diamond jewellery is one of a kind and suits literally any occasion. Jewellers can conjure up real wonders with this stone.

Gold and diamonds for everyday wear

Gold and diamond jewellery does not have to be worn only for special occasions. These days, more and more women are wearing diamond rings in a casual setting. Complete with matching earrings, this duo is an eye-catcher and a delight to behold. These unique stones add a touch of class to the styling and highlight feminine beauty. The diamond is synonymous with classic elegance and femininity. It is so timeless and traditional that it complements any woman's aesthetic. In today's fashion, gold diamond rings also come with a modern twist. More and more jewellers are opting for original settings in fanciful shapes. Thanks to this, they reach a wider group of women who prefer forms that are slightly different from the canon.

Do women also wear signet rings?

The signet ring is one of the most popular pieces of men's jewellery. It is most often seen as a symbol of power, respect and wealth. It has become customary to think that they are exclusively for men, but more and more women are opting for womens diamond signet rings, which are slightly smaller but accompanied by precious stones. The bigger and more ornate it is, the more attention it will draw from many people. In this case it is advisable to forgo other rings and extravagant jewellery in favour of one strong accent in the form of a signet ring. This type of ring is in keeping with the modern style, it comes in a variety of shapes, in plain versions or decorated with stones, such as diamonds, which further enhance its character. Signet rings can be styled in many different ways – worn alone or with other finer jewellery. It is also a good investment, as gold and diamonds don't lose their value.

A ring, especially one with a diamond, is a unique piece of jewellery that women wear both for special occasions and to go with casual outfits. It makes them feel special if they receive it as a gift or as a token of love from their partner. The current trend is to wear many different rings combined in fashionable sets. However, that one, one-of-a-kind ring that nearly every woman in her life is waiting for will always find a spot on her finger.