Gemstones in jewellery - discover the symbolism of white topaz with us

Gemstones have taken over the jewellery market. Their use in jewellery dates back to the olden times. People once believed in their magical power giving wealth, power and strength. Today, naturally occurring gemstones have not lost their significance. They have become a symbol of individuality, elegance and sophistication. Many people attribute their power to astrology, while others see beauty and use value in them.

  1. The use of white topaz in astrology
  2. What does the white topaz necklace symbolise?
  3. Variations on topaz in jewellery

The use of white topaz in astrology

Today, many gemstones are assigned to particular zodiac signs. After all, there has been a bit of magic and mystery in them for centuries. To best benefit from their energy, it is worth checking what astrology says about them. White topaz is a beautiful mineral associated with the sun and the fire element. It is the birthstone of those born in November and is also associated with the 4th wedding anniversary. It is a perfect match for Scorpios and Sagittariuses. White topaz - a stone that can come in the form of a pendant, brings peace, prosperity, order to life and allows to put things in order. It can spiritualise, develop the inner side of human nature and help to battle difficulties. The topaz amulet gives power and strength, invigorates the mind and helps to get rid of negative thoughts.

    What does the white topaz necklace symbolise?

    White topaz, like other minerals, has its place in esotericism. The ancient Greeks believed in its ability to give people strength. In India, it is said that worn next to the heart, it gives the owner beauty and intelligence as well as prolongs life. Whereas in the Renaissance, people attributed it the power to repel evil charms and break curses. Sailors, on the other hand, believed that topaz could calm a turbulent ocean. Nowadays, those involved in esotericism believe that the stone enhances health, brings good luck and protects against nightmares and sleepwalking. It also counteracts bad energy, symbolises love and helps artists create. White topaz is a stone that can be found in necklaces, so many people like to wear them on a daily basis, while reminding mindful of its magical properties. The mineral is also sometimes referred to as a royal stone, as rulers often ordered their crown jewels to be decorated with it. Topaz was supposed to bring them wealth, prosperity, honour, recognition and glory.

    Variations on topaz in jewellery

    Some gemstones can take on different colours. Topaz is an allochromatic mineral, meaning that it can be originally white or colourless, but owes any different colour to the admixture of rare elements found in it. As a result, it is readily used in jewellery. An undeniable advantage of topazes is that they have few visible inclusions, which are foreign bodies often found in minerals. Topaz looks magnificent when paired with white gold and diamonds. In contrast, it looks very playful and warm in a yellow gold setting. The necklace with white topaz is prized for its natural brilliance. With it you add a touch of elegance as well as sophistication to your styling. Topaz is also sometimes worn with other gemstones, the mineral contrasts well with sapphire, emerald or ruby. In addition, white topazes are a great alternative to diamonds, making them suitable for use in engagement rings. Many people value them for their good price and unique beauty. Topaz has also found its place in royal insignia, e.g. the English crown is decorated with 500 of this type of gemstone.

    Jewellery with natural stones attracts attention, delights and dazzles with its brilliance. Minerals have a uncommon appearance due to their geological origin, this gives necklaces, pendants and bracelets an unusual aesthetic. In the jewellery market, white topaz is gaining popularity and is constantly increasing in value. It has its own unique properties, symbolism and energy, making it not just a beautiful adornment, but an amulet of exceptional power.