The natural pearl as the jewellery world's icon

Pearls are some of the most beautiful and desirable gemstones. Because of their unique appearance, they have delighted people for centuries and are highly valued in jewellery. Next to diamonds, they are a true icon, symbolising luxury, femininity, noble beauty and sublime elegance. Pearl jewellery is timeless yet simplistic in its naturalness. Nowadays, jewellery pieces with this stone enjoy an expanding recognition. Given that they are experiencing their second youth, they are coming back in a modern, albeit vintage-influenced version.

  1. Pearl necklace - the perfect accessory for festive outfits
  2. Jewellery for your wedding dress - discover the potential of real pearls
  3. Meaning and symbolism of pearls

Pearl necklace - the perfect accessory for festive outfits

Pearls are associated with elegance, sophistication and tasteful chic, so they can be the perfect accessory for great outings. Great for complementing formal outfits for special occasions. All you have to do is choose a model that corresponds perfectly with your individual style. To complete a festive outfit for a private or corporate event, reach for a subtle pearl necklace for women. It will not dominate the whole outfit, but it will undoubtedly add variety to it. However, if you want a strong jewellery accent for your outfit, go for short pearl beads, which are sure to make you stand out from the crowd and charm everyone around you. As a symbol of luxury, pearls look great in formal settings, emphasising the stature of the entire event. A spectacular effect is achieved when you combine pearls with a long evening dress or an elegant ladies' suit.

Jewellery for your wedding dress - discover the potential of real pearls

It was once thought that pearls at a wedding brought bad luck. Nowadays, this type of superstitions are being abandoned and there is a willingness to use these natural stones. After all, jewellery is a very important part of the wedding styling. Each bride selects all the details so that together they form a cohesive whole. Nowadays, pearls are considered to be a symbol of good luck and herald good fortune, which is why many women around the world wear a pearl necklace with gold pendant to their wedding, appreciating the class and elegance of these precious stones. Short beads to accentuate the neckline are the perfect match for a mermaid cut wedding dress. A long necklace of pearls will also add to the charm, further elongating the entire silhouette. On the other hand, when opting for a princess-cut gown, it is better to opt for more modest accessories. This model is elegant by itself, so a delicate necklace with a tiny pearl won't overshadow the entire styling and will be a hit.

Meaning and symbolism of pearls

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite was responsible for creation of pearls. When she emerged from the sea foam during her birth, the splashing drops were supposed to turn into pearls.

Therefore, in ancient times, these stones were a symbol of love. They also have positive connotations in Asian countries. In China, they are a metaphor for success and good fortune, while according to Tibetan beliefs, the pearl becomes bound to the person wearing it and, for example, loses its shine when the owner becomes ill. Today, pearls are recognised as a symbol of honesty, integrity, wisdom and purity. They are believed to have a protective and healing properties, and to deepen self-esteem in women. So if you're lacking in confidence, then reach for a pearl pendant necklace, that will make you feel beautiful, bold and feisty. Pearls, known as sea diamonds, are also a symbol of delicacy, perfection and innocence. In ancient Greece, they emphasised the purity of the feeling between lovers, being an expression of the most sincere love, fidelity and virtue. They also gained the importance of wealth, emphasising the financial status.

For centuries, pearls have symbolised everything that is good and noble. They will be a great choice for festive styling for special occasions. They would also work very well as jewellery for a wedding dress. It is definitely an exclusive material popular in the jewellery industry. Pearls have their own unique brilliance and charm that allows you to create unique necklaces, beads or earrings with them. These stones are a symbol of the class, elegance, refinement and natural beauty. They will never go out of style, as they are monumental in the jewellery world.